Techies in Town is one of the leading IT Infrastructure Solutions companies based in Dubai that pioneers in IT AMC service, support and networking with its long-standing history excellence and long list of satisfied clienteles.

Our commitment to the cause and beliefs of our clientele and the quality of support and service that we deliver was able to elevate ourselves into one of the top most Networking and IT solutions companies in Dubai. We owe our history of the company and its success in providing a wide range of IT solutions, to our collaboration with prominent IT Brands and IT Consultants, and the commitment of our team.

At Techies in Town, we understand how a dynamic IT infrastructure can drive the performance, productivity and efficiency of your business operations and can contribute to the success of your business vision. The IT infrastructure designed and developed by the highly skilled team of Techies meets the client requirements, protects their business and build a base for our clients to grow and take their operations to all new heights.

We help our clients to reach their customers and engage with them through designing and developing expressive digital experiences. Our team of creative minds and technological expertise provides the best SEO services in Dubai and can help you make your brand, the most popular in the market. Our Digital Marketing services include Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Responsive Web Design, and Mobile application development – we take care of a brand’s entire digital presence.

Our solid experience being one of the pioneering digital marketing companies in Dubai and our association with leading agencies and brands can guide you in your race to be the leader of your industry. A brand represents you, your business, your vision and your commitment to your customers. At Techies, we understand how a brand can communicate to customers, your proficiencies, expertise, values and the core essence that makes your company or product different from your competition. A brand can secure your win in the tough competitive market.

IT Infrastructure Solution

Firewall & network security

Techies can provide your organisation’s network, data and systems defence against cyber threats, attack of malware software like malicious worms and viruses. Our wide-ranging Firewall & Network Security solutions can detect and prevent cyber threats that may interrupt your system operations.

Server Installation & Management

Techies offer services for server installation and management ensuring their performance enhances your business productivity and efficiency. Our services include server monitoring, security, regular maintenance and repairs, report generation and analytics related to server performance, data backup and recovery.

Video Surveillance Solution

Techies’ video surveillance service offers protection and control of your assets and business using state-of-the-art video surveillance systems that can stream, capture and record every minute and happenings on your premises. We can tailor our systems and video surveillance services that suit your budget and requirement helping you to oversee your business activities.

Home automation

Home Automation, redefines the comfort of your home by automating climate control, lights, entertainment, security and even remote surveillance. Techies can make your home smarter integrating technology and gadgets making your life much easier.

Office Automation

Our office automation system and solutions can facilitate automated data transfer from one source to another without human intervention and errors, by integrating hardware, software and network infrastructure, simplifying your day-to-day business operations.

Telephone Solutions

Techies offer dependable voice communication solutions integrating, telephone system, VoIP/SIP, Digital Hybrid and Hosted Telephone System solutions for your day-to-day business needs, be it communicating within the workplace, or pitching a sale to a customer, our services would let you focus on your job than worry about the technology.

Structured Cabling

We help you design the cabling infrastructure and installs dynamic and efficient cabling network for your telecommunication and data transfer purposes through structured cabling that can meet the requirements of your growing business.

Point of Sales (POS)

Techies can help you with your Point of Sales (POS) system requirements, whatever be the size or nature of business. Our solutions and service include hardware supply including barcode scanners, card readers, main computer and networking along with POS software for both checkout terminal and main computer.



We work in partnership with all the major technology suppliers, developing first class solutions for our clients.

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