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Branding, Designing and Development

Branding, Designing and Development

Developing a brand means much more to Techies in Town than designing a one-off logotype based on the company name, or logomark symbolizing the industry. To create a successful brand, consistent presentation across all digital and offline mediums is imperative, because consumers form an emotional connection with the brand over time.

We, at Techies, allow ourselves to bring simplicity to complex predicaments – distilling goals and values into brands that are relevant and inspiring, for customers and staff.

We work with you to define your business strategy – developing a set of tools, brand values, brand purpose and personality traits that drive everything from your brand identity, communication, digital presence and even your social media presence.

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Corporate Branding Strategy
Brand Identity
Corporate Stationery & Report Design Services
Web Design & Development
[vc_toggle title=”Why Web Development And Designing Is Required?”]One of the most valuable investments that will be rewarded with more than worth is website designing and development. As the digital trends keep on hiking, you need to optimize your storefront well aligned to earn a competitive advantage. There is no shortcut to business excellence, but a unique digital identity and design shorten the way to success. TECHIES Group, an ISO Certified Web Design Agency in Dubai, offers the best Website Development Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah across the UAE, and the GCC.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”How Do We Work?”]With a well-distinguished team of developers and designers, we work apparently to create only success. We perform strategically on website development and designing to cover all the growing needs of organizations of all kinds. We work best to create a bundle of satisfied clients with improved productivity

WordPress Development

WordPress is an open website creation tool with a good content management system. With thousands of plugins, widgets and themes this has become the most powerful tool to manage and create websites. Being the best platform for websites, most companies prefer WordPress.

WordPress opens a platform for a wide range of design and functionality to your web page. You will find countless design templates and themes with an effective content management system. The proper utilization of this high-end resource towards contributing to your firm is nothing more than a well-crafted website. Professional designers analyze and evaluate each of your growing needs and execute it with this standard platform to create a wonderful digital solution to cheer up your customers.

Features Of WordPress Design

  •       Responsive Design
  •       Social sharing features
  •       Plenty of widgets
  •       Multiple page style
  •       Auto upgrade and support
  •       Multiple themes
  •       Digital marketing Dubai
  •       Search Engine Optimization
  •       Standard compliant coding
  •       Design bundles

This simple platform can be customized to create variety of websites. The key features of WordPress has made it a unique platform, adopted by countless business.

Web App Development

Explore the market with an excellent windows application for your business!!

Windows Application is an application that is designed and developed to run on a Windows platform. The spectacular graphical user interface that is provided by windows forms make these applications popular. These apps are the one can be deployed in Windows operating system based devices.

Today’s businesses are digitally behaving through applications and websites. To have wide coverage in the market, digital intervention through mobile applications is helping organizations. To target several customers who are likely to use windows-based devices, businesses require a compatible application. Windows app development companies are advantaging on this with comprehensive windows software solutions.[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Why Techies?”]Windows applications are known for the admirable options and features that make it functionally easier for any user. We understand and work well with windows application software requirements of any type of business. With an experienced pool of developers, we complete the project on time and within the budget while satisfying the reasonable demands of clients.

We develop windows applications for

  •       Utility apps
  •       Data connectivity apps
  •       Media enhancement apps
  •       Apps with rich API support
  •       Internet applications
  •       Flexible functions and features of android OS satisfy the user
  •       Gateway applications
  •       Multimedia application
  •       GPS and Navigation apps
  •       Communication & System apps

[/vc_toggle][vc_toggle title=”Benefits Of Windows Application Development”]

  •       Easy to manage across multiple devices with Windows operating system
  •       Uses programming languages like Visual C++, C#, JavaScript and Visual Basic
  •       Better user experience
  •       Highly adaptable for native user interface
  •       Economical and reliable

Get your business accelerated with a fast performing Universal Windows Platform Application from Techies

Mobile Apps Development

In this day and age, mobile apps are a great way to reach out and grow your business, but they also have specific benefits. Mobile apps can utilize phone features, such as notifications, camera and location, broadening the scope of what can be achieved.

We at TECHIES can help you realize your dream of developing and cross-platform iOS applications at the best price in UAE. With a professional team of experts, we dispose of the fine quality and swift performing iOS app development across all the emirates.

The leading iPhone app development agency in the UAE. Certified professionals and timely project completion are our core strengths. We are the one-stop solution for iOS app development in Dubai. Our pool of iOS developers will craft any kind of application compatible with the iPhone platform.[/vc_toggle]

We are one of the pioneering IT Infrastructure Solutions and Networking companies in Dubai, providing innovative solutions and a wide range of IT services to some of the biggest names in the global business arena, with over 10 Years of experience

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