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TINT Consultancy Services

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Rebuild your business with us

Is your business sinking with financial debts or operational inefficiencies?
Join hands with us. We help you to breath!

The business restructuring services team at Techies In Town provides complete financial and operational restructuring services and advice to financially weak and low performing companies, their moneylenders, investors and different partners. We rapidly recognize money related and income issues, gain participation, create suitable arrangements and execute them with sensitivity and accuracy.

Our experienced professionals can offer a full scope of advisory and execution services, based on the restructuring plans and techniques.

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Symptoms to consult for business restructuring:
  • there is a downturn in your market or changing consumer preferences
  • the organization faces a genuine or potential breach of contract
  •  there is unreasonable obligation or poor liquidity
  • the organization is trading at stressful levels
  • corporate structure is not, at this time lined up with your business goals
  •  units or subsidiaries are working conflictingly.
  • as a business, you have worries about the business and wish to delegate financial consultant to monitor the circumstance and give accessible alternatives
  • capital structure needs to change
  • you need to go into discussions with your lenders and tackle their outstanding issues
How we can support you
Our consultants spend their expert lives managing the situational elements that a financially challenged business and its money related partners may confront. We can offer the necessary help to any business in a financially troubled situation. This can be accomplished by a combination of a few, or all of the following:

  • Initial business audit: normally covers an investigation of where the business currently stands and how practical is our arrangement and what difficulties are to be confronted
  • Financial advice: This financial support help with the structure, negotiation and implementation of the situation.
  • Contingency planning: what is plan B if the consensual restructuring can’t be accomplished? – we can design an plan structure for different situations
  • Corporate improvement: how to make the group structure less difficult, reduce operating expenses.
  • Business and operational restructuring :  we can devise, or survey, such plans, or report on new advancement and implementation
IP Telephony Solutions
IP telephony transfers audio communications across the network with the help of VoIP. The IP Telephony Solutions helps you to make available voice communication services to your team in their offices or campuses
Time Attendance & Access Control

Techies Access Control Solution integrates the most-modern fingerprint algorithm to ensure maximum security and reliability to protect your data physical and human assets. Time Attendance system helps your business to track the attendance data of users or employees and in the generation of multiple reports that can analyse trends, patterns and productivity.

Security Solutions
We offer tailor-made security solutions and products to our clients that suits their business requirements securing your valuable business, data, users and assets from the threats of cyber world. Techies in Town is techno-ready to secure you from both the external and internal threats and respond to the security requirements of our customers and partners.
Structured Cabling
We help you design the cabling infrastructure and installs dynamic and efficient cabling network for your telecommunication and data transfer purposes through structured cabling that can meet the requirements of your growing business.
Fiber Optics
We can change how you connect, communicate, and work together, by providing you with a wide range of fibre optic cable networking systems and services. Our experts help you to unleash the full potential of optic fibre technology for your telecommunication, data transfer needs and helps you prepare for the communications options in the future when your business grow and expand.
Web & Email Hosting
Techies can provide you with web hosting services with high performance, speed, reliability and security for your official websites or online platform with access to various resources. Our email hosting solutions are designed to meet all your business/personal communication needs with high security and reliability.
Managed Wifi
Techies can help you set up Managed Wi-Fi services which you can offer for you guests, students, visitors, customers or even employees. Techies can design and install the WLAN system and network in your premises which can be remotely managed and secured for hassle-free internet access.
CCTV Surveillance
Techies offer protection and control of your assets and business using state-of-the-art video surveillance systems that can stream, capture and record every minute and happenings on your premises. We can tailor our systems and services that suit your budget and requirement helping you to oversee your business activities.
POS & ERP Solutions
Techies can help you with your Point of Sales (POS) system requirements, whatever be the size or nature of business. Our solutions and service include hardware supply including barcode scanners, card readers, main computer and networking along with POS software for both checkout terminal and main computer.

Techies Expertise Areas

Techies in Town has been providing unparalleled solutions and support, including Cybersecurity, Cloud, Backup and many more for many organisations over the past years making us one of the top security companies in Dubai. We have been successful in delivering our promises to the clients enhancing their efficiency, improving the productivity and profitability helping them achieve their business goals. The superior, flexible and advanced range of innovative solutions along with renowned and high standard hardware include:

  • Cloud Solutions ( Azure, Office 365, Cisco Meraki)
  • Firewall & Network Security ( Sonic Wall, Fortinet)
  • Virtualization ( Hyper V, VM Ware, Hyper Conveyance, Hyper-Scale)
  • VPN & UTM Solutions ( VPN Network, Unified Thread management)
  • Broadcasting & Live Streaming ( TV/Radio Set-Up, Live Streaming Events)

We are one of the trusted IT support companies in Dubai, providing innovative solutions and a wide range of IT services to some of the biggest names in the global business arena and we continue to grow with more than 20,000 people in our global network

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